Allison began working in the film industry at the age of sixteen. By working on a variety of unique sets she developed a great understanding of film making and developed a deep passion for film. 

By the time she was sixteen in a half Allison had written and sold her first screen play, and eventually directed a web series with a cast and crew of 30 people. 

At age eighteen Allison flew to Zambia to create a short documentary on orphans in Africa. She spent one month in Africa documenting all of the people she had encountered. Allison filmed weddings, funerals, villages and schools. Not only did she learn more than she had imagined about the African culture, she had also discovered who she was as a film maker and is very grateful for such an enriching experience. 

Upon returning to the United States Allison moved to Los Angeles, California. Since living in Los Angeles she has continued to work in the industry, producing short films, working as a cinematographer, and practicing her skills in photography.

 Allison is currently pursuing my bachelors in film studies.